Hello. Here at Veloloop, we are shifting our focus to motorcycles and scooters. We had dozens of messages and emails from motorcycle and scooter owners asking for a version for themselves.

Once we have a Veloloop ready for motorcycles and scooters, we will likely relaunch the Veloloop for bikes. We need your help to make this happen.

Motorcycles and scooters have all sorts of different shapes, so we need your help in compiling a collection of photos to help us redesign the antenna, the mount, and the activation system.

Specifically, I would appreciate emails from you with pictures and info about the motorcycles and scooters you have access to. Please send an email to nat@veloloop dòt ćom with:

1. Make, model, model year of the motorcycle/scooter
2. a side-view picture of the entire motorcycle/scooter
3. a picture or many pictures of the bottom of the motorcycle (The Veloloop needs to mount near the ground.)
4. a picture of the handlebars (The Veloloop will likely need a button to press to tell it when you’re at an intersection.)
5. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester, let me know your city & state.

nat@veloloop dòt ćom uses gmail, so the email with all the pictures can be up to 20MB.

Sending this info will be very helpful to us! Thank you for it, and thank you for checking out veloloop.com.